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Information on Akyildiz

Researcher James Scott MacKillop writes:

“Do you remember giving Ian F Akyildiz or the National Science Foundation permission to put the Internet inside your body? I certainly didn't give Ian or any of these techno-fascists permission.

These are Crimes Against humanity.

This link will lead to all the crimes against humanity Ian Fuat Akyildiz has ever committed. It keeps getting updated. His latest criminal experiment is dated January 2024 and they go back to 1982.

If you look up ‘cns1110947’ on any search engine, the internet explains some of the grants that Ian F Akyildiz received from the National Science Foundation for the last few decades. The code also shows several other grants being pushed for the end of humanity. Ian F Akyildiz is at the top of this list.”

"NetSE:Large: MONACO: Fundamentals of Molecular Nano-Communication Networks"

Ian F Akyildiz grants

“I should also mention that ‘mcb1449014’ lists more of the grants these technocrats are getting, including Ian F Akyildiz. Seems the links to the IEEE, especially concerning the plants, won't open up for public view.”

Regarding Ian F Akyildiz and his funding from the National Science Foundation in relation to MONACO:
“NetSE:Large: MONACO: Fundamentals of Molecular Nano-Communication Networks”

“MONACO: Fundamentals of Molecular Nano-Communication Networks” by Ian F Akyildiz

Ian F Akyildiz has been getting a lot of funding for the Internet of Bio-Nano-Things on the Terahertz Band.
“NeTS: IntraBioNets: Foundational Models of Heterogeneous Intrabody Biomolecular Communication Network Links for the Internet of Bio-NanoThings”


Grants from the National Science Foundation for Ian F Akyildiz in regards to his Molecular Nanonetworks


Ian F Akyildiz's most recent work is engineering yeast cells to facilitate information exchange: "MC theory can supplement the ongoing efforts by characterizing and optimizing the event detection rates and the interfacing/communication with the in-body area network that will facilitate the transfer of the sensed readings to external monitoring systems. Such interfacing can be offered by the fluorescent output of the considered system which can be integrated with recently developed smart pills/capsules to support digital twin applications, or the realization of the IoBNT.”
Engineering Yeast Cells to Facilitate Information Exchange

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