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What is a Smart City?

Smart cities present themselves in shiny wrapped packages intended to make the world “greener, safer, faster, and friendlier”. The reality of smart cities is drastically different, as we will see in the links below. A smart city involves smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart transportation, smart health care, and smart technology. They are what define a city as a smart city. Information and communication technology (ICT) transforms traditional cities into smart cities. The infrastructure of a smart city connects with the framework of the Internet of Things (IoT), and through that to the Internet of Bio-Nano-Things (IoBDT), etc. The physical infrastructure of a smart city is key to all of this. A city needs only some, not all, of the characteristics and components of a smart city to be labeled as smart. The amount of smart city infrastructure will vary from city to city depending on cost, etc. Find out where your city is in this development stage and learn what buzzwords and frameworks they use. The following resources should help with learning to understand the language and trends your city is subscribing to. 


Independent researcher Julianne Romanello video presentation on what a Smart City entails

Understanding the framework, buzz words, and goals of government, its agencies, partners, and/or proxies (including task forces, working groups, stakeholder councils, community organizations, civil society partners, etc):

Comprehensive Planning Buzzwords

-Hearts Over Hexagons

World Economic Forum report (2023) on emerging technologies, including 6G communication networking with real-time mapping of the environment and connecting everything to the Al-powered-automated SMART city grid.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023


Smart city video presentation:

Smart City or Surveillance City: Presentation to Newcastle, Australia


Smart cities versus Cognitive Cities

Cognitive Cities and Social Inclusion

-Hearts Over Hexagons

Video interview with Cindy Niles on the urgent need to undo SMART CITY infrastructure installations.

Video presentation “Technocracy Smart Cities And How They Endanger Freedom” with Cindy Niles and Temora Yuille

Surveillance-Facial Recognition, Digital Identity & Smart Cities Explained by Silicon Valley Insider video interview

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