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What is the Biodigital Convergence


The "Biodigital Convergence" is the merging of digital technology with the human body. It also includes the merging of digital technology with every living thing on earth: trees, plants, and animals. It also  includes incorporating digital technology into entire ecosystems. The purpose is to connect everyone and everything to a wireless grid spanning the globe. This grid can be accessed, controlled and manipulated remotely.

“The ‘Biodigital Convergence’ Is The Interactive Combination, Sometimes To The Point Of Merging, Of Digital And Biological Technologies, Human Beings, And Systems. Now And In The Coming Years, Biodigital Technologies Could Be Woven Into Our Lives In The Way That Digital Technologies Are Now. Biological And Digital Systems Are Converging, And Could Change The Way We Work, Live, And Even Evolve As A Species. More Than A Technological Change, This Biodigital Convergence May Transform The Way We Understand Ourselves And Cause Us To Redefine What We Consider Human Or Natural. Biodigital Convergence Will Profoundly Impact Our Economy, Our Ecosystems, And Our Society.”

-Brian Mitchell

Documents from  governments and international organizations explaining the Biodigital Convergence:










A concept associated with the Biodigital Convergence is Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC), which encompasses the converging of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information technologies, and cognitive science technologies. These are the four, sometimes overlapping, broad categories that make up NBIC. Of these four, nanotechnologies are the most prominent. Nanotechnology, along with the other technologies, are discussed more in depth on the following pages. 

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