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Why Are They Pushing This?

Independent researcher Brian Mitchell writes:

"Agenda 21/2030 is the action plan for the 21st century. It is the total control and inventory of all resources, and all human beings on the Earth, in a global governing system.


It Is The Formation Of A One World Government, A One World Religion, A Digital 'Global' Economy, And A Re-Designed And A Fully 'Compliant' Society.


It Is The New World Order, To Bring Them All Together. 

The Hive Mind.


Agenda 21, Adopted By Treaty, By 179 Nations In The Rio Declaration In 1992. 


Agenda 2030 Is The Paris Agreement, Agreed To By All UN Member Nations, In 2015.


Agenda 21/2030 Is The Total Control, Inventory And Management Of 'EVERYTHING' Upon The Planet.


This Includes But Not Limited To, All Living Things, Including All Human Beings, And All Resources. 


To Be Centrally Controlled, Managed, And Planned, Globally.

There Is No 2nd Amendment, No Bill Of Rights, No Appeals, And No Private Property Rights, Under Agenda 21/2030.

Globalization Is The Standardization Of All Systems.

That Includes Water, Law Enforcement, Education, Energy Etc.

All Systems Have To Be Brought Into Harmony In-Order To Control Them All.

The Great Reset, Is A Massively Funded, Desperately Ambitious, Internationally Coordinated Project Led By Some Of The Biggest Multinational Corporations And Financial Players On The Planet, And Carried Out By Cooperating State Bodies, Corporations, And NGOs.


The Practical Aim Of The Great Reset Is To Fundamentally Restructure The World’s Economy And Geopolitical Relations Based On Two Assumptions: 


One, That Every Element Of Nature And Every Life Form Is A Part Of The Global Inventory (Managed By The Allegedly Benevolent State, Which, In Turn, Is Owned By Several Suddenly Benevolent Wealthy People, Via Technology)


And Two, That All Inventory Needs To Be Strictly Accounted For: Be Registered In A Central Database, Be Readable By A Scanner And Easily ID’ed, And Be Managed By AI, Using The Latest “Science.” 

The Goal Is To Count And Then Efficiently Manage And Control All Resources, Including People, On An Unprecedented Scale, With Unprecedented Digital Anxiety And Precision—All While The Masters Keep Indulging, Enjoying Vast Patches Of Conserved Nature, Free Of Unnecessary Sovereign Peasants And Their Unpredictability. 

How Will It All Be Welcomed?


DELIBERATE INCONVENIENCE of doing things the old way, makes choosing the more convenient, automated way, the default position amongst people who don't recognize that the problem was contrived - from the outset - to change their behavior.

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