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Is Detoxing From Nanoparticles Possible?

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Bottom line: there are no established routes for detoxing. Some methods may work for some things. The point here is that it’s impossible to escape what they’re putting inside us. It’s far more strategic to take on the infrastructure that interfaces with our bodies than it is to focus on our bodies.


“There are no magic pills, no rescuers to draw them for you, no universal protocol! Avoid medications and supplements that supposedly detox- all pharmaceuticals are compromised.”

-Brian Mitchell 


“Plasmonic antennas aren't limited to graphene oxide, they can also be made from metals such as gold, silver, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and other oxides. 

Many oxides are used as food additives, especially TiO2, ZnO, SiO2, and red, yellow, and black iron oxides. 

Gold nanorods have found use as plasmonic aerosols. 

And as we all know by now, silver is used for cloud seeding. 

All these nanoparticles finding their way into the environment, into plants, animals, and us. 

Detoxing methods will work easily for some materials, while others may be harder to remove or not able to be removed at all, like carbon nanotubes and asbestos fibers.”

-Pete Ramón

How does the body eliminate nanoparticles?

“If fed sugar, the engineered bacteria grow exponentially. If deprived of sugar and there isn’t enough blood glucose in the body, the engineered nano bacteria die. However, they do have glucose and blood sugar monitoring networks in the body. Monitoring networks inside of the human body observe what is going on. If there is a problem the nano tech can try to solve it themselves. If not, they can alert doctors through "gateways", so they can reprogram the nano tech to properly deal with it.”

-Brian Mitchell paraphrasing Ian Akyildiz from this conference:

Science and Society Meetings - XI, Prof. Dr. İlhan Fuat Akyıldız, Georgia University


Beware of people promoting supposed remedies that claim to clear nanotech from the body. Many public figures are pushing Zeolite, Borax, boron, Colloidal silver, herbal medicines, Ivermectin, Methylene blue, Nattokinase, Iodine, Metallomics, and so on. Much of this is profit driven, using fear to increase sales.

The following list contains examples of supplements and how they may enhance or add to nanotech in the body:

Activated Charcoal

Borax and boron

Claims have been made that Borax and boron get rid of nanotech in the body. However, they actually enhance the way nanotech operates. Borax is made up of a mixture of minerals that contain boron. Boron is used in the making of microprocessor and camera chips in cell phones.

Colloidal silver and gold nano-materials


EDTA binds to carbon nanotubes. The chelators in EDTA may increase bioluminescence in fluorescent protein based metal biosensors.



  • “Clinically Approved Antiviral Drug in an Orally Administrable Nanoparticle…”


Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue is attracted to Hydrogels and is used with Hydrogels. Methylene Blue is a catalyst that helps enhance the photodynamic properties used in nanotechnology. Methylene Blue binds with carbon nanotubes and Graphene Oxide.


Magnetic micro ferrofluids/graphene inks are added in the production of nattokinase using 3D printing.



Sankar Nair is the principal investigator at Georgia Technical Institute regarding Nano Zeolite biodigital technologies. His patents are in the bottom link.

Homeopathy as Nanomedicine, Ayurvedice Nanomedicine, Allopathic Nanomedicine, and Nanoparticle herbs found here.

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