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(IoBNT-based AI nanosystem)
photo credit: Tech Science Press 

​The aim of this website is to help in understanding what the Biodigital Convergence is, what Smart Cities are, how they connect with each other, and what we can do about it.

Disconnecting the Dots: the dots refer to the puzzle pieces that make up this vast topic, which can be seen as having an inner layer and outer layer. The inner layer is comprised of Biodigital Convergence technologies with the ‘dots’ symbolic of graphene quantum dots. The outer layer is comprised of Smart City technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) that connect everything through nodes or ‘dots’.

Once it becomes clear how the ‘dots’ connect, we can start “Disconnecting the Dots”.

Section 1: Connecting the inner dots
Section 2: Connecting the outer dots
Section 3: Disconnecting the dots

Section 1

Biodigital Convergence

Section 3

What You Can Do

The most effective way to take on the Biodigital Convergence is by dismantling Smart City infrastructure at the municipal and state levels. 

Connecting with your local leaders via email, phone calls and in person at city council meetings, etc. Educate them on this topic and pressure them to dismantle any SMART City infrastructure or SMART City initiatives. Organize locally and form groups. Meet together regularly in person. Approach leaders as a unified group or individually. Take things offline and do more in person!

As we have read in the information provided above, the Biodigital Convergence poses health risks and security risks, violates our right to privacy, and violates our bodily sovereignty. We did not ask for, nor do we approve of nanomachines embedding in our brains, bones or DNA. We do not want people unknown to us remotely controlling our genome, our behaviors, or our lives. We will not allow the building of an infrastructure that supports or promotes this.

Researcher Kate Mason shares valuable tips on how to research and address this at your local level. See the entire video from the clip above here:

“Smart Cities- a local focus”


Researcher Julianne Romanelllo’s work is essential for learning how to address this at a local level. Be sure to find links to all her research in the footer of this website. 

Clip 1

Clip 2

Video credit: Julianne Romanello

Clip 3

“If you know the language of the aggressors, you can begin to defend yourself. Learn to spot the jargon. They use the SAME WORDS for EVERY PROJECT.” 

-Julianne Romanello 

“Communitarianism”is a word which best fits how Smart City programs are being rolled out. Communitarianism gives the illusion that a community is deciding things, when it’s actually assigned people or groups speaking in place of the public voice.

"Steering the public - Communitarianism" interview (video)

“We are an unaffiliated group of local residents…We do not agree with arriving at a ‘Consensus’ through being steered into predetermined outcomes by trained facilitators either working for the council or public/private partnerships. We deem this to be against the public interest and an affront to democracy.”

-Mark Windows

More tools to Empower Your Community here

Links to find your local leaders

Download flyer to distribute in your area:

Printable petition template

Get involved to stop geoengineering:

Many U.S. states now have varying stages of legislation to ban geoengineering. The successful signing of legislation banning geoengineering into law recently in Tennessee has had a ripple effect on other states now trying to pass similar bills, mostly modeling their bills after the New Hampshire bill which has more teeth than the Tennessee bill.  The following states have legislation in varying stages of development:



SB 2691 (formerly HB 2063) went into effect July 1, 2024. Governor Bill Lee signed the legislation into law. "Prohibits the intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight."

SB 2691


New Hampshire

HB 1700-FN is known as The Clean Atmosphere Preservation Act and is set to go into effect upon passage. Several other states have modeled their bills on this bill. The bill maintains its rights under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution “where federal programs and restrictions have become oppressive or destructive.” The bill makes it mandatory for the state to seek evidence from the public regarding violations. Penalties for violations include felony charges, a minimum of $500 million in fines and a minimum of two years in prison. Each day a violation occurs is considered a separate charge. 

South Dakota

SB 215


HB 506

Rhode Island

SB 2540


HB 4687


SB 0104


A petition for Iowans to sign to garner support for legislation to ban geoengineering:

Clear Skies Iowa

Use this information to help kickstart legislation in your state, if you live in the U.S! Or wherever you may be!

Get out there!


Put pressure on your local leaders!

Speak up at City Council meetings!

Speak with your legislators!

Hand out flyers!

Inform people of what’s going on and what they can do!

Special thanks to the following researchers. Please follow them here:

Brian Mitchell

Pete Ramón

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